Chua co phan hoi

3-month-internship program available in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hue

Differentiate yourself from your peers by learning real-world skills, gaining foreign language proficiency, and immersing yourself in cultural opportunities which will help make your resume second to none.

Internship | International Project

  • Joining various international projects: Organising Festival programs in Vietnam and overseas; Deploying training programs in Performing Art and Event management; Deploying project in designing space for Vietnamese traditional culture and arts; Real Estate Business – Office Leasing
  • Working directly under supervision of Art Director Lê Quý Dương
  • Open to candidates graduated from Marketing, Business Administration, International Relation
  • Full fluency in English & Vietnamese (written and spoken)
  • Able to travel within Vietnam and internationally
  • Proactive and independent
  • Accurate and well organized, with good time management
  • Overseas study and work experience are advantage
  • A permanent position might be available upon completing internship program

Please submit your CV in English to


  • Alumnus of NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), Australia | Cựu du học sinh trường Nghệ thuật Quốc gia Australia
  • Art Director & Founder – VACEP Co., Australia | Giám đốc Nghệ thuật & Nhà sáng lập Công ty VACEP
  • CEO – Le Quy Duong Co., Vietnam | Giám đốc điều hành – Công ty Lê Quý Dương
  • Chairman & Founder SKVIE Corporation, Vietnam | Chủ tịch HĐQT & Nhà sáng lập – Công ty CP SKVIE
  • Vice President – International Federation of Festival | Phó chủ tịch – Liên đoàn Festival quốc tế
  • Committee Member – UNESCO – International Theatre Institute (ITI) – The World Performing Arts Organization | Ủy viên BCH – Học viện Nghệ thuật Biểu diễn Thế giới của UNESCO
  • President – International Festival Forum (IFF) | Chủ tịch – Diễn đàn Festival Quốc tế
  • Vice President – Vietnam Film Development (VFD) | Phó Chủ tịch – Hiệp hội Xúc tiến và Phát triển Điện ảnh Việt Nam
  • Winston Churchill Fellowship Award (UK) | Giải thưởng Winston Churchill Fellowship
  • Fulbright Scholarship Award (USA) | Giải thưởng Fulbright Scholarship
  • Queensland Premier Literary Award (Australia) | Giải thưởng Queensland Premier Literary


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